Our Services

Direct Lobbying:

Commonwealth Alliances represents clients' interest before the General Assembly, Offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and the multiple cabinets and agencies of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Strategic Planning:

Commonwealth Alliances assists in helping clients to identify business opportunities, develop advocacy goals, craft an effective message and implement a winning strategy. We work to ensure that the appropriate government officials understand the positive policy implications of the clients' goals and efforts.

Budget Advocacy:

Commonwealth Alliances follows the budget throughout the various steps and advises clients on the business impact of proposed budget items and related funding issues. Commonwealth Alliances also advocates for program funding on behalf of clients.

Monitoring, Research, and Analysis:

Commonwealth Alliances provides monitoring of all legislative and administrative actions, including committee hearings, floor actions, regulatory proposals, and budget items that may impact a client's ability to conduct business in Kentucky, including research and analysis of identified issues.


Commonwealth Alliances works with Fortune 500 companies, as well as Kentucky-based start-up businesses, to pursue partnership opportunities with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We work to help ensure that the clients' goals and expertise are consistent with Kentucky's policy goals and needs. Commonwealth Alliances works closely with clients to provide planning and advice, as well as monitoring throughout the procurement process.


Opinion research services are available at Commonwealth Alliances. We provide a range of polling services to fit our client's specific needs utilizing a strategic partnership with a leading national polling firm.